Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Birthday to:

My 8th Great Grandfather, Thomas Hoyt

My 4th Cousin 3x removed, Joseph Blake Cram

Married on January 1

My 4th cousin 8x removed, Sidney Cram (m. Hannah Goodspeed)

My 8th Great Uncle, John Hull (m. Mercy Jacobs)

In Memory

Born in 25 Nov 1854
My 1st cousin 3x removed, Frank Curtis Plaisted. He would have been 161 years old.

Born in 1885
My 1st cousin 3x removed, Arthur Edward Clement. He would have been 130 years old.

Born 09 Dec 1889
My half 1st cousin 2x removed, Harry Mallory Hutchinson. He would have been 126 years old.

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