Monday, August 29, 2011

Motivation Monday - Getting Started Again

Schools started so I should probably start again too.

Although I haven’t been posting here much lately (shame on me). I have been busy requesting Birth and Death Certificates for my relations (Grandparents, Parents). Been scouring books and to see if I can get documentation for applying to DAR.

I hoping to continue/add to/update(monthly) my list of To Dos.
1)Send to Michigan for Grandparents (maternal) death certificates (DONE)
2)Send to Wisconsin for Grandparents (paternal) death certificates (DONE)
3)Send to New Hampshire for Grandparents (maternal) birth cerfticates (DONE)
4)Join California Genealagical Society (DONE)
5)Join Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc (DONE)
6)Join Minnesota Genealogy Society (sent 7/2011)
7)Join Santa Clara County Historical & Genealogy Society (DONE)
8)Look for relative entries on Find A Grave (on-going)

Love to hear your tips on how you stay motivated.