Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thank You Thursday – Great Aunt Marion

My great Aunt Marion Violet Plaisted (1901 – 1980) was the one who first did the family history. She was trying to prepare to join the DAR in the late 60’s or early 70’s. She did the CRAM side of the family and then typed it up she had back to John Cram who came to America in 1639. I hope to be able to use part of it to obtain membership into the DAR myself. I am in the process of trying to document the names that she had listed.

I remember Aunt Marion as being a true New Englander (born in raised in a small New Hampshire town – Meredith). She lived there her entire life. She worked for the Post Office at the end of her street (High Street). The summer we visited her for the first time 1968 (since we then went on to the World’s Fair in Montreal, Canada) she took us everywhere. The state capitol in Concord, the Old Man in the Mountain, the Trading Post at the bottom of the hill (there was a bear on top of the post), the Weirs, Annalee doll factory. I just wish I had been older than 8 at the time to fully appreciate it. She took us to the York Beach in Maine the first time the California kid saw the Atlantic ocean. We were walking down the when we ran into my Great Aunt on my grandfather’s side of the family. The family joke has always been that we were related to just about everyone..

Her home was turned into was turned into condos or apartments after her death. I was a huge 2 story house with a big attached garage (or barn). I remember the pot belly stove in the living room for heat and the stove in the kitchen being part cast iron. It’s amazing what you remember as a child. .

She was said to be the Postmistress at the post office, but I haven’t been able to verify it. (does anyone know a good source for this?)

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  1. OMG She looks alot like you Marian! I am registrar for El Toyon Chapter NSDAR, if you need any help let me know